About Us

About Us


Dikkande Plantation is an agri business company located on a coconut estate in the district of Gampaha, in an area that is relatively rural as at present.

The evolving of the farm originated from the need for diversification of production activity from the mono cultural coconut cropping practice traditionally existing, to integrated agri-activities appropriate for current economic trends. Presently the company activities comprise both animal husbandry and crop cultivations. The animal farm focuses on the rearing of commercial poultry layer and parent stock flocks and is inclusive of a hatchery, feed mill and a bio digester facility. The bio digester enables poultry manure to be converted to organic fertilizer and the ancillary biogas produced facilitates, electricity to be generated both for farm use and for supplying the C.E.B. grid.

The cultivation activities of the farm includes the growing of fruit crops Katu Anoda (Soursop), Kamaranka, Avocado and selected vegetables, with a view of supplying the export market. Moreover the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) methodology is utilized to ensure quality produce.

Additionally, the company operates a cut flower cultivation and a nursery for supplying good quality planting material at separate locations.